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About Internet Radio Solution - From a hobby to a practical solutions, for Fun.

I started deploying internet radio way back 2006 as a hobby with my desire to extend our local radio stations program to be heard via internet, from a single radio station on my own project expenses and with the support of local radio station here in Cebu. I was an OFW before and I realized how important this project to our fellow OFW, to heal home sickness. The local program itself from the local stations are the cure to healing our loneliness by ;listening the local DJs and onboard broadcasters. We can hear real time News and events locally.

Thank you for visiting my info blog website for internet radio broadcasting. I hope that from here I can help you educate on how to manage your website and your internet radio hobby.

About the Store

Why I started this store?

Some inquiries required hardware that can help some technical needs. Most of the items posted here are the most good quality and highly recommended gadgets to manage our hobby in implementing internet radio and for our daily gadget needs and desire. I selected products here that are related to our lab. This is the answer to some question on where can we ask for supplier on some of our technical needs and support. Practically, I added margin to the cost of every product here to cater free shipping and website maintenance, so if you buy something from this website, you actually help me keep this portal for us moving.

This is a drop shipping store powered by WordPress and woo commerce, So most of the product are physically not on my warehouse. Products are still in the suppliers hand and will be shipped directly to your shipping address. So standard quality checking are implemented before they ship the items to your door.  Other items are labelled on hand as indicated.


Most of the products are located in a warehouse outside from the Philippines. So Shipping will take more than 3 to 5 days for a paid premium shipping method, or 10 to 20 days for our fast FREE shipping method

Return Policy

I choose supplier that has less return issues with high positive reviews and 5 star customer feedback, some items posted here are tested by myself,  so no worries if in case you have some issue on the products that you purchase from my website. The supplier has their own international standard in return policy and I can guarantee you their support. I will personally assist you in terms of replacement and even spend to my side your return shipping cost and replacement of the items.

Here to serve you,
Ernest Villariza

Take a look on some realizations

A complete internet radio deployment that includes a no worry free website, local encoder set-up, domain name registration and web hosting server, it also includes 128kbps audio streaming server. I can provide you with a free 7 day trial to test the deployment of your internet radio station.

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