• Free Shoutcast / Icecast Flash Player

    This is another version of a simple Flash Player. Just copy the code and Embed it onto your website. Simply add your ip address,  port and Flash Player Skin Name ”http://ipaddress:port“ For Icecast remember to add your mount point. With a selection of skins to choose from. Skin names in lowercase. Works with ANY SHOUTcast &
  • Best Radio Broadcasting Software – Audio Streaming

    Radio Broadcasting Software A list of a few Radio Broadcasting Software that can be use to create your Internet Radio Station and are compatible with shoutcast and icecast systems. If you know about any other software compatible with shoutcast and icecast please let us know Contact Us. Winamp with the Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source plugin Runs on
  • How do i get listed on Windows Media Radio Guide?

    The following instructions are provided by Radio Tuner. I can not guarantee your Radio Station will be accepted by Radio Tuner and listed on Windows Media Guide. These are the instructions to submit your Online Radio Station to Windows Media Guide. Follow the instructions and send the information to Thank you for your
  • Internet Radio Is The Future

    Internet Radio is growing every day with more people using mobile devices to listen online music. In America people from age 12 and over for a total of Over 57 million of people (that’s 22% of the U.S. population) now listens to Internet radio. Internet radio have a leap of almost 30% from last year’s,
  • What Is Internet Radio?

    Internet radio is exactly that, you will transmit audio to millions using an internet connection instead of  the air signals like terrestrial Radio Stations. How works? Option A – You are the source With this option you will provide the audio stream directly from your computer to your listeners. You will need software to make
  • Creating and Setting Up a Internet Radio Station

    This guide will teach you how to Creating and Setting Up a Internet Radio Station your very first internet radio station using free tools available to everyone on the internet. Through this tutorial, we will be creating a fictional radio station called “My Stream Radio.” Step 1: Plan the format of your radio station out. The first
  • How do i get listed on iTunes Internet Radio?

    The following instructions are provided by iTunes Internet Radio. I could not guarantee that your Radio Station will be accepted by iTunes Internet Radio and listed on iTunes Internet Radio Directory. Getting Started Discovering iTunes Internet Radio Internet Radio is available on iTunes desktop and Apple TV (3rd generation). Learn More > Before Submission Ensure that your
  • What Kind of Internet Connection Do I Need to Be Able to Stream Radio on My PC?

    Internet Radio is very simple in today’s world. Basically you can use the same computer with the same software to stream to 1 listener or thousands of listeners. what is important is that you know how much bandwidth you need and the bit rare you want to use to stream your music. Bandwidth – Is the amount
  • Be patience and consistent

    As you see there is no magic word to get more listeners, it requires hard work. Do not rush yourself, go step by step. When you try to do all at the same time you will get frustrated because you will end up not finishing anything. Take your time and go step by step, any
  • Content of the audio

    People are not going to listen to your station just because it plays free music, you will have to provide something different and unique something they cannot find anywhere else.  But internet radio is music, isn’t?  NO, radio is not just music.  For example take a song, the song have sound and lyric and the
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