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    I get asked a question a lot: ‘How do I promote my station?‘. It’s a tricky question to answer, and there’s no one definitive solution. Instead I have broken down the fundamentals on how to get started, talking you through what you need to do to reach your audience and become successful in the long
  • How to Advertise Your Radio Station for Free

    Enticing listeners to a new radio station, especially on a small budget, can be challenging, since radio listeners tend to be extremely loyal to the stations they currently tune in to. According to British newspaper The Guardian, one-third of listeners don’t change the station on the way to work and most listeners tune in to
  • How do i get listed on Windows Media Radio Guide?

    The following instructions are provided by Radio Tuner. I can not guarantee your Radio Station will be accepted by Radio Tuner and listed on Windows Media Guide. These are the instructions to submit your Online Radio Station to Windows Media Guide. Follow the instructions and send the information to Thank you for your
  • How do i get listed on iTunes Internet Radio?

    The following instructions are provided by iTunes Internet Radio. I could not guarantee that your Radio Station will be accepted by iTunes Internet Radio and listed on iTunes Internet Radio Directory. Getting Started Discovering iTunes Internet Radio Internet Radio is available on iTunes desktop and Apple TV (3rd generation). Learn More > Before Submission Ensure that your
  • Be patience and consistent

    As you see there is no magic word to get more listeners, it requires hard work. Do not rush yourself, go step by step. When you try to do all at the same time you will get frustrated because you will end up not finishing anything. Take your time and go step by step, any
  • Content of the audio

    People are not going to listen to your station just because it plays free music, you will have to provide something different and unique something they cannot find anywhere else.  But internet radio is music, isn’t?  NO, radio is not just music.  For example take a song, the song have sound and lyric and the
  • Communication with Listeners

    Stay in touch with your listener, this is very important!! Having a conversation with someone is easier than having a monologue. When you keep in communication with your listeners it makes you feel like you are having a conversation with someone and you are not alone in one closed room. You will project more natural
  • The Website has to talk too

    You have a website right, your website is not only an electronic page online it is pretty much alive. When someone visits your website in only few seconds they receive a lot a messages,  from the shape, colors, images, tittles etc. Your website is the face of your internet radio station; this should talk too
  • Have a music schedule

    A schedule will be the content of your radio station that is organized by day and hours. You must have a chart on your website with information of your programming by days and hours, this will let your website visitors know about what you have to offer to them if they listen your station. For
  • Respect your playlist

    Your playlist is the heart and soul of your station. Unless your station is a news station or has a no music format, your playlist is your station’s heart and soul. This should flow like a surfer over a wave, have you seen a surfer? They don’t just go straight to the shore; they go
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