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Communication with Listeners

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August 6, 2017
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August 6, 2017
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Communication with Listeners

Stay in touch with your listener, this is very important!!

Having a conversation with someone is easier than having a monologue. When you keep in communication with your listeners it makes you feel like you are having a conversation with someone and you are not alone in one closed room. You will project more natural behavior and you will sound better. Listeners can tell when you are nervous, sad, happy, mad etc.; only by your voice.

Maintaining constant communication with your listeners is the best way to please your audience. You will receive direct feedback knowing if the job you are doing is good. Two or more heads thinking about how to improve something is better than just one, listeners are very creative and always will shoot your with ideas. May be not all the ideas will be great but I am sure you will receive a good one every now and then. Also do not discards bad ideas, listen and see if you can turn it into something good. Sometimes people don’t know how to express or explain an idea, but indeed after it is polished it could be a great idea.

Social media is the sensation of the moment; you can post your comments, news, ask for opinions and in a few seconds get a reaction. Do not feel bad if no one is commenting back, they see it and you are present on your followers mind. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular but are not the only way to stay in communication with your listeners. You can consider an Old Fashioned method like emails.  Email subscriptions allow your listener to subscribe and keep them informed about upcoming shows events etc.  You will be surprised how email marketing may grow a business; in the same way it will help to grow your listeners. You also can use the following options:

  • Skype
  • Phone
  • Google Voice
  • Text Messages
  • Chat Room

These are just a few options to keep in communication with your listeners you will have to choose which works better for you.

  • Tell the truth.
  • Make it matter.
  • Never be boring.


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