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Define your Target audience

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August 6, 2017
Respect your playlist
August 6, 2017
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Define your Target audience

You will need to identify your target audience, you will have a better chance to get the type of listener that really matters for your station. You may be thinking, hey listeners are listeners, yes, but, if you shape you strategy to attract the type of listeners your station will appeal to then listeners who are looking a radio station like yours will find you faster.

Radio listeners are divided by Geographic area, Race, music, gender, ages, interest and lifestyle; At least these are the most common criteria used by the companies who make Radio Ratings and Media Research. The same way you have to identify who is going to be your audience and focus on that group. Make a list of what defines you station, for example:

  • Type of music
  • Ages of your potential listeners
  • Geographic Area (if you have a specific area)
  • Interest of your potential listeners
  • Message or vision of your station

With only these 5 things you will start to shape your station, website and start attracting the listeners you want.

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