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Respect your playlist
August 6, 2017
The Website has to talk too
August 6, 2017
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Have a music schedule

A schedule will be the content of your radio station that is organized by day and hours. You must have a chart on your website with information of your programming by days and hours, this will let your website visitors know about what you have to offer to them if they listen your station. For example, you have rock show Mondays from 7pm to 11pm, if your visitor is interested will tune in to listen that day and that time. If the visitors of your website don’t listen now you have the chance to have them as listeners later.

Another way of having a schedule is using Sweepers, Jingles and Promo’s. These elements usually last less than 10-seconds and are used every 2 or 3 songs alternating one for another.

  • Sweeper – Is an element usually used between songs that has sound effects and talking. This talking is done by the station’s hired “voice guy,” rather than someone at the radio station so it’s a completely different voice. Identify the name of the station and the frequency, for example (The X, 100.9fm). In the case of Internet Radio will be the name of your station or show and the domain name.
  • Jingle – A jingle is played between songs, and is sound effects, music and jingle singers all wrapped into one. Like a sweeper will have the name of your station or show and the domain name.
  • Promo – A promo usually starts the commercial set. Just like in television where they play a promo spot for an upcoming TV show before the paid commercials start, a radio station will also plug an upcoming station event, a particular show on the station, etc. Promos usually last 30-seconds and include voice, sound effects, music and audio clips.
  • Slogans – Impact with your station slogans (is a very short description of your station) also have to be catchy and easy to remember. For example: Z100 “New York’s Hit Music Station”, Capital FM “Number One Hit Music Station”, 2Day FM “Sydney’s Hit Music Station”, NRJ “Hit Music Only”

Sweepers and Jingles are constant reminder to the listener about what and from where they are listening. Promo is what you are going to use to announce an upcoming program next or any other day. Repetition is the way we learn and memorize.

Sell your stations benefits, let listeners know why they should listen your station,  be very specific, for example: The favorite surfer’s station, giving you the tide report every 15 min.

Remember all these elements should be created with the station’s official voice not by a DJ of the station; the idea is to separate what is entertainment from business. You can also incorporate/mix with these elements some listener’s voices with hour farces like “my station”, “I love it”, “best music” etc.

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