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The Website has to talk too

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August 6, 2017
Communication with Listeners
August 6, 2017
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The Website has to talk too

You have a website right, your website is not only an electronic page online it is pretty much alive. When someone visits your website in only few seconds they receive a lot a messages,  from the shape, colors, images, tittles etc. Your website is the face of your internet radio station; this should talk too giving the message to the visitor of what your station is about. Your visitors will be interested in tuning in to listen to what you have to say. Use your website to attract listeners publishing news, articles or opinions about some theme you know will be of the interest of your visitors.

Also use your website as a compliment to your Online Radio Station to give more information. For example you can talk about something very brief and tells the audience “hey if you want to know more check our site for more information” or you can have a debate/survey using your website. Like this you will have traffic to your website and have more content to attract potential listeners.

Make your website “moron proof” of as simple as possible, do not let your website visitors figure out how to do thing on your site, tell them what to do, how? Again make it simple and obvious.

Things you can add to your website or things you can do with your website in cooperation with your online radio station:

  • Videos – Artist interviews
  • News – About the artists
  • Surveys – Questions to your listeners
  • Photos – DJs, Artist, Listeners, Places etc.
  • Contests – Post a video, audio or picture and make your listeners go to your website and vote for something, also you can request something from your listeners like a video, audio or picture to enter to the contest and win something, the person who win has to send back a video giving thanks to the station and you can put that on your site too.
  • Local Events – Get involved in local events, don’t matter is for free, what you are looking for is exposition and recognition for your website and station.

Remember your website is working for you 24/7 attracting potential listeners you need to work on this too.

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