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What Is Internet Radio?

Creating and Setting Up a Internet Radio Station
August 6, 2017
Internet Radio Is The Future
August 6, 2017
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What Is Internet Radio?

Internet radio is exactly that, you will transmit audio to millions using an internet connection instead of  the air signals like terrestrial Radio Stations.

How works?

Option A – You are the source

With this option you will provide the audio stream directly from your computer to your listeners. You will need software to make your computer an audio streaming server which allows your listener to connect to your computer so they can listen your streaming audio. Also you will need  Broadcasting software, by this I mean software which can play the music you want to stream to the world. Online you can find a few options for free.

All this can be do it using some free software you can find online- you can find some other brands with more options than this software but you will have to pay for them.

The down side of this option is that most people only have a 1mb upload internet connection and that will only allow you to have 10 to 15 listeners, this varies depending on the bitrate you use to stream.

Option B – A server is the source

With this option you still need  Broadcasting Software but  you will send your streaming audio from your computer to a server better known as Internet Radio Hosting. You will need to get the services of a company who provide these services, This will allow you to have more listeners. These servers have a very fast internet connection, giving you the option to choose how many listeners you want your Internet Radio Station to have.. Could be 25, 100, 300 or even 500 or more you decide the type of connection you will need for your Online Radio Station.

You will need to pay a monthly fee for these services but you not only pay for the fast connection and for the flexibility of more listeners, you also pay for a full control panel with statics, Royalty Reports, Listeners Information, AutoDJ and much more.

This option is the most common one used for terrestrial Radio Stations.

What you can do?

With an Internet Radio Station you can unleash your audio creativity, it is not only for music you can also create your own talk show, stream live events like your Sunday mass, you can create a Radio Station with you reading stories for kids etc.- it is audio you can do anything. The best thing about Internet Radio is you are not limited by the reach of an air signal like a terrestrial Radio Station.  In this case wherever someone on the planet has access to an Internet connection, they will hear your Internet Radio Station.

Why Internet Radio?

Well I can tell you a lot of reasons but I think the most important is, because it is Cheap. When you compare it  with a regular Terrestrial Radio Station the difference in money to run an Online Radio Station and to run a Terrestrial Radio Station is in the Millions. How convenient is it  to have a Radio Station for just a Fraction of a Terrestrial one!

You will be thinking, ok but for some reason a terrestrial Radio Station Have more listeners than an Online Radio Station. Well my friend that is about to change.

What is the Future of Radio?

Internet Radio is growing every day, and mobile devices are going to play a very important part in future of radio. In America a study shows that  Over 57 million people (that’s 22% of the U.S. population) aged 12 and over now listens to Internet radio.

Internet radio has jumped almost 30% from last year’s, 17% of that 30% is U.S. population, this is double what it was 5 years ago. This rise is largely attributable to the growth in Americans’ use of mobile technology, Smartphone ownership has tripled in two years.

¿In the future will terrestrial radio disappear? Well could be, in the near future cars will start to come with connection to listen to music online, and if you add people who already use their mobile devices connected to their car stereo to listen Internet Radio, well I could say we are very close.

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