How to Resolve Network Error on Web Audio Player

If you are using Google Chrome Browser, you may experience No Audio Sound after you click the play button on any of the Radio Station you selected here in my website or your Radio Station Website. This is due to Goggle Chrome update last February 20, 2020 restriction on Non-SSL external link URL. Shoutcast V2 is a non-SSL Audio link, so for Google - no exemption, unless you upgrade your shoutcast subscription to a SSL complience and this will cost us another funds on our subscription fee.
We have the option to avoid this, the scenario is controlled by the Chrome upgrade, so we can reset this to allow the blocked URL of our Audio.
Follow the steps here:
  1. On the your website, Click the Padlock icon of the URL
  2. Click the Site Settings
  3. Under the Permission Lst, scroll down to " insecure Content" and choose "Allow"
  4. Refresh or reload your website, and the Network Error is gone.
You may here the Live streaming of your favorite Radio now.
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